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Tailored Financial Coaching

Tailored financial coaching is about us proactively helping all of our clients (new and existing) to navigate through financial issues – through technical financial jargon. We put a plan in
place to move you towards meeting and achieving your financial goals – your milestones – while at the same time protecting your position along the way.


Mortgages & home loans

We help you meet your mortgage and home-loan goals, whether you are:

  • First home buyers

  • Second or third home buyers

  • Looking at trading up or trading down/down-sizing

  • Looking for a top-up or equity release for much-wanted renovations or additions

  • An investor looking into entering or re-entering the residential rental property market

  • Looking for a reverse mortgage (often referred to as “seniors” finance) – accessing the equity from your family home (often debt free) to smooth out your income or add to your fortnightly pension.

Life & health insurances

Happy Family

Life and health insurances help our clients to protect what is near and dear to them. We discuss your “Plan B”; insure against the “what ifs”, the “maybes”, the “out-of-left-field” events that occur in life. We produce a tailored risk/hazard management plan that is designed for your individual or specific needs, and focuses on your own unique circumstances. The types of cover include:

  • Life and Health Insurance

  • Family Protection

  • Trauma and Critical Illness Cover

  • Income and/or Mortgage Protection

  • Waiver of Premium

  • And much much more...

Home, car & contents insurances

Home, car and contents insurances are reasonably straightforward for most of our clients; basically we are helping them to insure their main assets:

  • Family home

  • Residential rental investment properties

  • Contents

  • Cars

  • Other vehicles, boats, trailers and caravans

  • Personal items

For our clients who are active residential rental property investors we also cover more technical aspects related to malicious damage, landlord’s chattels and/or loss of rents. 



We ensure that our clients understand how KiwiSaver works and what the benefits are for them. We pro-actively help our clients and make sure that they are in the right KiwiSaver fund for their individual needs and show them how they can potentially grow their retirement savings. We work with two well respected KiwiSaver providers, namely Kōura KiwiSaver and Generate KiwiSaver  to offer our clients the best of outcomes.


Personal loans

We help clients with financing for the purchase of personal items – assets that are not necessarily secured by a mortgage over the family home. Cars, boats, overseas holidays, sports equipment – the list is long and the list is exciting!


Debt restructuring


This is where our tailored financial coaching often comes to the fore. A number of our younger clients (and some of our older ones as well) have, for whatever reason, driven themselves into what we in the trade call the “debt trap”. More often than not what they require (what they really need) is financial coaching – support – a road map to follow. Often we find that the first step to home ownership is clearing out (sorting out) the short-term debt.

We help you protect what is dear to YOU!

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